Many people associate running with weight loss and dieting. Some even believe that as long as they have a relatively toned body, the morning jog is useless. Contrary to these misconceptions, running on a regular basis has a significant number of benefits for your health, besides just burning the extra fat around your midriff. Here are just a few advantages that you can gain by racing around the block every day:

Longer life expectancy

Medical research has revealed that people who practice jogging regularly can increase their longevity with 2-6 years. This is a result of the overall positive effect that running has on your wellness, but also of the healthy habits that it promotes. A short 30-minute jog decreases nicotine addiction and makes giving up smoking a lot easier.

Better breathing

Running is an aerobic exercise, which means that it improves the body’s use of oxygen. The main benefits that derive from this practice are an increased lung capacity and a healthier heart, both of which help you overcome respiratory problems.

Burn the extra calories

If you are afraid that losing weight implies exhausting workouts and countless hours spent at the gym, you should swap the weights for the running track. Short jogging sessions improve your metabolism and force your body to burn fat at a higher rate. This means that you can even have the occasional cheat snack because the extra calories will be processed before they are stored into new fat cells.

Boost your mental health

Running increases mental activity, and it has a definitive role in your ability to create and store new memories. In fact, a medical study has shown that people who jog daily have a considerably smaller chance of developing mental disorders like Alzheimer’s disease.

Get a radiant skin

Running is a great way of releasing the toxins out of your body. This process takes place through sweating when your skin pores eliminate the entire accumulated residue. As a result, you get a healthier, shinier skin that has an improved immunity against epidermis infections.

Improve your confidence

Any person that has run for at least 30 minutes in a row has eventually gotten the “runner’s high” – this is a sudden feeling of delight and increased self-esteem that is the result of a bursting production of dopamine in your brain. In fact, doctors believe that the runners high is a chemical reaction that activates the reward center in your brain, and which is similar to the feeling you get when you eat a lot of chocolate.

Build better bones and muscles

Running is essential for the well-being of your bones, your ligaments, and your muscle tissue. As you jog, your body increases its ability to oxygenate the muscles and to assimilate minerals like Calcium and Potassium with better efficiency.

More energy, less stress

If you need to get rid of stress, there is no better medicine than a short jog in the park. Running clears your mind and releases the pressure that you normally get in your life. Also, daily jogging increases your energy and helps you be more active during the day, and get better sleep at night.